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Let’s Dream Together.

Once upon a time dreams can come true.

Not like fleeting dreams I dream on my own, but what we dream together.

As I look to the night sky,  I look for the star with most shine.

I know that the twinkle is from your own eye.

Knowing what could’ve been, and knowing what will be.

I know where our hearts meet.

That will be where the true world will be.

As my eyes wonder to my feet.

I began to fall into the chasm.

My mind goes to the worst.

My dreams goes to a lonely place, and I dream on my own.

In my sorrow I look for your face, but your face hides from me, yet is revealed in a friend’s Face.

In my pain I look for your hand, but in my pain your compassion is brought to light.

As I free fall into the abyss I grab everything yet I have nothing to hold on too.

Then I hear a voice it says”look up child.”

I look up at the night sky, and our hearts are one.

So let’s dream a dream together, because a half of a heart is where dreams die.