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Passing shadows

Passing shadows speak to me.

Telling me to ignore life in me.

Leave your home, and hang on to the shattered.

Your roots are only rot and decay.

Then my soul screams out into night like animal caught in a snare.

Knowing pain is the only life it has left.

Knowing the night has won, and it will not see the day.

Only confront it has is warmth of his blood pouring out.

Knowing death is it solicitude.

Yet my soul shrills out to stars.

Beyond death’s door I knock.

In stars I will take my recuse.

There is no hands that can help or any eyes that turn and look.

Yet a gem that can be found only when  there is nothing left.

Where the stars took hold.

Where the beyond is near.

There is special place where spirit tells the heart to beat again.

Where light cannot hide from the night

Where shadows will not tell their lies.

Only dearest friends can always see it.

I give this to whom I love because in love we will always be!

In the night I scream out in desperate, and hold my most precious in front.

My heart beats faster,

My eyes burn brighter,

I digest the word put in me.

Finally the snares break before me.

My feet were broken and shakened now walk on solid ground.

The evil that took claim is now vehicle to path whom I love.

The sorrow guides me to higher paths.

The pain let’s me know what I need let go.

In my guilt and shame let’s me know I still have part of me that needs to die.

I know that pain, sorrow, and guilt is worth it because it will bring me home.


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