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Christ my Savior

When did night sneak in,

Their images use to haunt when I was kid.

Holding every thought captivate so I could not get moment of peace.

Showing images of torment until I was numb.

Many nights I wished to have my fantasies.

I got older, then I went Christ.

He stopped the nightmares when I closed my eyes.

Then they hid.

Then they started talking me.

They pretended to be my friend, and they pretended to be Christ.

They me told not to trust people.

They told to kill myself, but I loved Christ more than the voice.

Christ Taught me to see pass their lies.

You shall not murder!

Love! Always love!

And he gave three people to love with all heart.

Also I am madly in love with Christ too!

All that is left to say is I love Christ.



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