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Love to Hate

Truth, truth speaker how can I fix it when I am part of problem.

Tell me what I want hear so I can love you.

Believe what I believe so I can accept you.

Truth speaker, let’s pick the right side so we can hate the right people.

Let’s tell them how wrong they are.

Surely, they will go toe to line.

No, no tell them how evil they are.

Of course, it will make right whatever we do to them.

How dare they believe different things then we do.

Different ideas,

Different ways,

We have too hate them…

I will sit over here in my rightness.

Just look how justified I am.

You know what the perfect neighborhood is?

They are exactly like me!

So, let’s just push them all into the ocean.

I mean, they do not have any where else to go, and they surely can live next to me.

Don’t you feel better because I do…

What else matters…. right?


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