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Where The Dead Walk

I awoke from a dream,

The dead were ruling over the living,

Once the great and the powerful are only foot paths for dead now.

There are graves as far as the eyes could see.

However, the graves were not for dead,

The graves are for the living.

I fall to the ground,

I began to weep uncontrollable,

I felt mud swallowing me,

Then I heard voice,

“Get up child!”

“You can see these things because you are beginning to die the true death”.

I stood up yet it felt like I awoken from slumber.

I saw my self in reflection in a mud puddle,

I saw,

Half bone,

half flesh,

Maggots were falling out where bone and flesh met.

When I opened my mouth worms fell out it.

Then in the distance I heard man yelling.

He was dressed in fine robes,

He had youthful appearance,

He looked to be in his early twenties.

He began to yell again,

“I built churches in your name!”

“I lead many in your name!”

“Lord, why!?”

Dead dragged him in his grave, and began bury him alive.

Then, I looked to my left, and saw a man made of bones standing close to me.

He opened his mouth,

Dust came out,

It smelled like death and decay.

“Those ones take along time to die.”

Then he pointed towards a great river that wasn’t to far off.

I walked on road that lead straight to the river,

It had names of great people of the past on sign posts,

With every step I could hear screams of terror and pain,

Each brick had different name on it,

Each brick had it’s own terror,

Each brick had it’s own sorrow.

Then felt dreadful gust of wind,

I felt a menacing spirit take hold of me,

I felt the flesh that was still on me get unbearably heavy.

I fell on the path,

It like thousands of hands trying to rip out my very soul.

It was like blind ambition took hold of me.

Some great cuase told me this is where I belong…

Afterwards, I awoke in arms of bone man,

It felt like I woke from a long slumber,

At that moment he told me,

“This path is for the truly dead,”

“If I would’ve waited a second longer your name would’ve joined those bricks.”

He dropped me off on a hill just looking over the river, and on top of the hill was a gravestone with my name on it.

I looked over too the river,

I saw a bone man bury himself right next to the river,

He grew to be large tree bearing many kinds of fruit.

Then, I saw many different kinds of people going up to tree eating from it.

It was strange,

They all were naked,

They all ran around the tree as if they were children yet they were old.

They eat from the tree yet with every bite their flesh fell off.

Confusion sets in,

I cannot figure this place out,

I am in hell or purgatory?

I am die or alive?

Can I awake from this nightmare?

Then in the distance I heard a splash,

Once was old and naked are now bone men.

I saw one of them dive into the river,

Once he got too other side of the river he came out as toddler.

There seemed to be a man waiting at otherside, but I could not make him out.

He wore brilliantly bright white robe,

Yet I could not discern who it was.

He would pick up each child ,and kiss on forehead.

Then send them upstream.

I could not watch him very long,

I grew very tired…

I fell asleep on own grave.

I awoke in my old dreams…

And carried like I always did.

In a dream waiting to woke agian.


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