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Dreams Are Dead

I woke from a dream,

I woke,

I was falling,

Everything I was,

Was getting ripped away,


I got darker,


Less I of man I was,


I did not know what I was.

My dreams vanished.


Treated me like diseased animal,

Told me I could not be trusted…

Told me I was the problem…

Told me I that I was good no more…


Became a burden,

Chains that dragged me down,

Created prison wall of regret.


Became a obsession,

A knife that turns,

Did not hold back how deep it cuts,

Made me the into heaping mess.

Made me into a remnant of man I was…

So, I dare not too dream anymore…

The stars became a false hope,

taunting that I could hope,

Taunting that joy was possible,

That was happily ever after possible…